Types of Electrical Lamps

Types of Lamps :

  • There are various types of lamps used in lighting (illumination system).

The lamps can be listed as below :
(1) Incandescent lamp :
    (a) Vacuum lamps (Filament lamp)

    (b) Gas filled incandescent lamp
(2) Arc lamps :
(3) Fluorescent lamp :
    (a) with glow type starter
    (b) with thermal type starter.
(4) Mercury vapour lamp:
    (a) Mercury vapour high-pressure lamp (MVHP)
    (b) Mercury iodide lamp
(5) Sodium vapour lamp.
(6) Neon lamps
    (a) Glass envelope type.
    (b) Neon sign tube.
(7) Halogen lamp.
(8) CFL lamp (compact fluorescent lamp) or Tube.
(9) Metal Halides lamp
(10) LED
    (a) Electro luminescent type
    (b) Light emitting diode type.
(11) Special lamps:

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