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Hello everyone, This is Deepakkumar Yadav an Electrical Engineer and Science enthusiast. This page is all about Practical implementation on Electrical and electronics based concepts as well as projects. We not only believe in theory but we believe in showing it practically. As you know, No matter what theory you read, you need practical knowledge in industry. So all the technical enthusiast should give a look at my videos and share knowledge. Thank you for showering your views and subscriptions on my page.I promise to provide you best practical contents from my side. Keep supporting and let this practical based Community increase.

YouTube channel :- www.youtube.com/deepakkumaryadav02
Instagram :- www.instagram.com/deepakkumaryadav02

🀝 πŸ™‚Thank you. Love Work, Bless all πŸ‘πŸ»

About Us:-
Name :- Deepakkumar Yadav
City:- Mumbai
Email :- ydeepak297@gmail.com


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