Transformer Oil Working, Transformer Oil name, Why Oil use in Transformer (in Hindi)

Transformer Oil name
In transformer we mostly use Transformer Mineral Insulating oil.
  1. Paraffinic Oil 
  2. Naphthenic Oil
  3. Bio Based Transformer Oil
  4. Silicone Based Transformer Oil

1. Paraffinic Oil
It is use where Transformer have high rating current. It is part of Mineral Insulating oil.

2. Naphthenic Oil
It is use where Transformer have low rating current. It is part of Mineral Insulating oil.

3. Bio Based Transformer Oil
It is part of natural oil, this oil price is very high. and not available easily.

4. Silicone Based Transformer OilIt is a chemical oil, after use it will convert in toxic so there it not use that much.

  • Transformer oil is a dielectric fluid mainly used in oil filled electrical transformers as an insulating and cooling medium. It is usually obtained by fractional distillation and subsequent processing of crude oil.
  • The primary purpose of transformer oil is to insulate and cool the transformer windings and core. These also preserve the core and winding as these are fully immersed in the oil and prevent contact of oxygen with the cellulose paper insulation of windings, which has high affinity towards oxidation.
  • Three basic types of transformer oil used are mineral oil (mostly naphthenic), silicone, and bio-based. Mineral oil based transformer oils dominate the consumption as it has good electrical and cooling properties, and provides cost-effective solution.
  •  types (mineral oil–naphthenic and paraffinic, silicone, and bio-based); and applications (small transformers, large transformers, and utility)

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