Carbon Arc Lamps (Flame arc lamp)

Flame - Arc Lamp :

Working principle :
Two carbon rods kept face to face touching to each other connected to the source of electricity and if they are departed from each other to form a small air gap between them, an arc is produced with tremendous heat and a light is produced.

  • The principle of operation is similar to that of carbon arc lamp. The electrodes of such a lamp has 5 to 15% fluoride (called the flame material) 85 to 95% carbon.
  • Generally core type carbon electrodes are used. The cavities are filled with fluoride. The fluoride has a characteristic which radiates light energy efficiently from a very high heated arc stream. Fluoride turns into vapour along with the carbon fluoride.
  • These vapours cause a very high luminous intensities. In addition to fluoride, there are also other some flame materials.
  • Different flame materials which produce different colours. Most of these colours do not appeal to eyes at the same time they produce strain on them.
  • The arc can be drawn out to one side with the help of a magnet. Through arc is very efficient but owing to objection to its colours it has now been superseded by the electric discharge lamps. The luminous efficiency of such a lamps is 8 lumens per watt.


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