Functions of Protective Systems

State the functions of protective system.
  • As mentioned above, protective system should operate automatically under abnormal condition within minimum time. Apart from this it should have following essential features :

  • Quick operation : To minimize the damage to the faulty part, the switchgear must operate as quickly as possible after the occurrence of fault If the fault current is allowed to pass for more time then there will be considerable damage to the generators, transformers and other equipments which are in the circuit upto the fault location. Also, if fault is not cleared quickly, it is likely to spread into healthy parts of the system.
  • Complete reliability : The ability of the portion system to operate under the predetermined conditions is known as Reliability. The protection would be rendered largely ineffectively and could even become a liability without the reliability.
  • Discrimination : Switchgear (protective system) should be capable of identifying the faulty section i.e. it must be able to discriminate between the faulty sections and the healthy sections. It should isolate the faulty section from the system without affecting the healthy section. This will ensure the continuity of supply.
  • Provision for instruments : For metering purpose there should be the provision for connecting instrument transforms to the system; so that the measuring instruments may be mounted on main switch board or a separate panel.

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