MCQ's on Basic 4 Electrical

MCQ's on Basic Electrical
Basic Electrical

Question 31

Which lamp has the best Colour Rendering Index (CRI)?

  (a) LED

  (b) Fluorescent

  (c) Incandescent

  (d) High pressure sodium vapour

The correct answer is (c) Incandescent

Question 32

Current transformers usually have a secondary winding rating of

  (a) 5 A

  (b) 20 A

  (c) 50 A

  (d) 100 A

The correct answer is (a) 5 A

Question 33

The reactance of the transformer depends on

  (a) Size of the core 

  (b) Size of the tank

  (c) Leakage Flux

  (d) All of the above

The correct answer is (c) Leakage Flux

Question 34

Under No-Load condition, the transmission line carries current because of 

  (a) Heating Effect

  (b) Transmission Effect

  (c) Chemical Effect

  (d) Capacitance Effect

The correct answer is (d) Capacitance Effect

Question 35

If the supply frequency to the transformer is increased the iron loss will

  (a) Decrease

  (b) Increase

  (c) No Change 

  (d) Any of the above

The correct answer is (b) Increase

Question 36

Which of the following does not change in the transformer?

  (a) Frequency

  (b) Current

  (c) Voltage

  (d) All of the above

The correct answer is (a) Frequency

Question 37

How many cycles will an AC signal make in 2 seconds if its frequency is 100 Hz?

  (a) 50

  (b) 100

  (c) 150

  (d) 200

The correct answer is (d) 200

Question 38

Which of the following according to KVL must be zero??

  (a) Algebric sum of currents in closed-loop

  (b) Algebric sum of voltages in closed-loop

  (c) Algebric sum of powers in closed-loop

  (d) Algebric sum of losses in closed-loop

The correct answer is (b) Algebric sum of voltages in closed-loop

Question 39 

For high frequencies capacitor acts as an _____

  (a) Open Circuit

  (b) Short Circuit

  (c) Rectifier

  (d) Amplifier

The correct answer is (b) Short Circuit

Question 40

 A capacitor consists of 

  (a) Two semiconductors

  (b) Two dielectrics

  (c) Two insulators

  (d) Two conductors

The correct answer is (d) Two Conductors


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