Nuclear Waste Disposal

Nuclear Waste Disposal
Nuclear Waste Disposal
Waste disposal of nuclear power station is of prime importance since the nuclear waste is likely to have radioactivity. Therefore, these wastes are disposed off in such a manner that it does not cause harm to human or plant life. The various methods adopted are :
  1. In case of gaseous wastes, it is passed through filters and discharged at a high level through stacks.
  2. Moderate liquid wastes can be discharged after filtration, preliminary treatment (its PH value is adjusted) and by diluting and mixing with cooling water discharge into deep pits or dry wells.
  3. Highly radioactive liquid wastes are kept in concrete tanks and buried into ground till their decay of radioactivity.
  4. Solid wastes arising from discarded control rods, fuel cans etc. are stored in shielded concrete vaults.The combustible and chemically incompatible wastes are segregated. The combustible waste is burnt in incinerators and the flue gases formed are filtered and disposed off through stocks.
  5. Active solid wastes are stored in water for about 100 or more days to allow radioactivity to decay. Then these are disposed off to deep salt mines or on ocean floor or in deep wells drilled in stable geological strata.

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