What is Electric Shocks

What are the reasons for electric shocks?
What are the reasons for electric shocks
  • The human failure in handling the electrical components or repairing the distribution system without switching off the supply, the ultimate effect of electric shock on human body may be death. Electric shock on human body may be fatal but it may be due to Electric shock may result in :
 (i) Fibrillation of heart i.e. damaging the heart to small pieces causing the stopping of breathing.
 (ii) Stopping of breathing action caused by blockage in the nervous system causing respiration difficulties
(iii) Local over heating or burning of the body due to sparking.
(iv) Death of a person.
  • First cause is more dangerous and may put to death of person.
  • Due to cause (ii) and (iii) there is a possibility of rescuing a person.
  • When an electric shock is received, the current passes through the body.

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