Central Tower Receiver Using Heliostat Mirrors

Central Tower Receiver Using Heliostat Mirrors
Central Tower Receiver with Heliostats
  1. In case of central tower receiver collector, the receiver is located at the top of the tower. The system is equivalent to a very large paraboloidal reflector.
  2. It has large number of mirrors spread over a large area on the ground to focus the reflected solar radiation on to a receiver mounted on a tower. Each mirror used is called the heliostat.
  3. The mirrors are installed all around the central tower. The schematic diagram of such a system is shown in Figure.
  4. Each heliostat is rotated into two directions so as to track the sun. Heliostats together behave like a broken very large paraboloidal reflector.
  5. The solar radiations so reflected from heliostats are received by the receiver mounted on a high tower. A concentration ratio upto 3000 can be achieved with this type of system.
  6. It can generate directly the high pressure and high temperature of steam suitable for power generation in steam power plants. Alternately, the receiver can heat a liquid metal or a molten salt and this heat energy of the fluid can be used in a heat exchanger for generation of steam which can be used in a Rankine cycle for electric power generation.
  7. The design of such system is quite complicated and costly. It is estimated that the present cost of power generation is about Rs 5.6 crores per MW.

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