Fuels and Material Used In MHD Plants

Fuels and Material Used In MHD Plants
Fuels and Material Used In MHD Plants
  1. MHD plants can use conventional fuels like oil, coal, natural gas, kerosene, benzene, toluene. It can also use nuclear energy or any other form which can produce high temperature.
  2. The materials used in construction of MHD plants must have temperature resistance.
  3. Also, the high temperatures combined with alkaline atmosphere due to presence of seeding material makes the MHD ducts extremely susceptible to corrosion.
  4. Therefore, the materials used in the construction of MHD ducts have to be highly corrosion resistant materials.
  5. Electrodes are made of tungsten or carbon. The insulating materials used for duct walls are magnesium oxide, strontium zirconate.
  6. MHD ducts have to withstand temperatures in the range of 3000K or so.
  7. Presently the steam cooled walls which are made of insulted laminations of very thin nickel or stainless steel have been tried.
  8. The research is on to use suitable ceramics or coating of ceramics to use as duct material.

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