Effects of Faults on Electrical Power System

Effects of Faults on Power System :

Q. State any four abnormal conditions which can develop In power system and state Its effect on power system.

  • The most dangerous type of fault is a short circuit as it may have the following effects on a power system, if it remains unclear.

  • Heavy short circuit current may cause damage to equipment or any other element of the system due to overheating and high mechanical forces set up due to heavy current.
  • Arcs associated with short circuits may cause fire hazards. Such fires, resulting from arcing, may destroy the faulty element of the system. There is also a possibility of the fire spreading to other parts of the system if the fault is not isolated quickly.
  • There may be reduction in the supply voltage of the healthy feeders, resulting in the loss of industrial loads.

  • Short circuit may cause the unbalancing of supply voltages and currents, there by heating rotating machines,
  • There may be a loss of system stability. Individual generators in a power system may loose synchronism, resulting in a complete shut down of the system. Loss of stability of interconnected systems may also results.
  • The above faults may cause an interruption of supply to the consumers, there by causing a loss of revenue.
  • High grade, high speed, reliable protective devices are the essential requirements of a power_ system to minimizes the effect of faults and other abnormalities.

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